Sunday, March 14, 2010

Finally, I've finished.

Before I go on, let me say that it was a good book. A very good book. Unfortunately, it's taken me since late October to slog through it. I'm relieved to say that I'm not the only one who slogged through (two of my coworkers I've found out, said the same) it so at least there's that.

OK, so 'Wind-Up Bird Chronicle'.

When I logged it into my Shelfari page the words 'magical realism' came up. That works. I had that that the 'chronicles' were actually about Mr. Okada, but with more reading I began to wonder if there was something more that was only skimmed. So much is going on in this book, so much that connects somehow, but so little is explained that many questions are left by the time the words are read. Like, what about Cinnamon? What about Cinnamon's father? One can conjecture, but one would rather not. I like back stories and now I feel the need to fly to Japan and get to know some of the places mentioned in the book and perhaps meet Mr. Murakami and shake some answers out of him.

Now I see that no one else as written since late last year, except for Cinnamon to say that she's got a life. Which is what has kept me quiet here and elsewhere. So I hate writing more till I know that someone isn't going to read this and feel cheated that I let something slip.

Anyway, I did enjoy the book and may possibly read more of his stuff. Anybody out there?


  1. You know, as I said I just finished this book after months of episodic reading. Now it's over, with so many questions left, somehow at a loose end and a little restless. I have many other books to read, in fact I'm reading three right now, and the day is beautiful and bright, but somehow, here I am inside, feeling cheated and restless. What should I do now I've finished?

  2. Enjoy some time outside and the other books you're reading. I could not find this in the library and did not want to buy it...I think you and I and Meg may be the only remaining interested members of this book club...perhaps we should email the others and see if they're interested in continuing???

  3. I'm here. I have some thoughts for this spot. Just haven't got around to realizing them yet!

  4. I'm here too! I'd really like to rev this up

  5. I like Megan's idea of each of us discussing a book we've read and posting comments. I thought of posting a few regarding a novel and its adaptation to film.

    Entitled Tell No One and written by American author Harlan Coben, the book is your standard good read before bed, nothing flashy but entertaining. The protagonist is a doctor whose wife has been assumed dead for several years, her murderer as yet unknown.

    The major players are the doctor, his sister and her lesbian partner,a model, who happens to be the docs best friend.

    When the doc suddenly starts receiving strange e-mails that he believes clearly only his deceased wife could have written, the plot takes some interesting twists...

    Eventually,though husband and wife re-unite, the reader is left to wonder what will happen to them, and the remaining characters as Coben skillfully and rather stealthily has the doctor leave those details (possibly for a sequel?)out.

    Unusually for me, I enjoyed the cinematic adaptation of this book much more than the book itself.

    Made in France in 2008, the film features Kristin Scott Thomas, Francois Cluzet and Nathalie Baye, all well known veterans of French cinema.

    Well acted and directed, the film, while it makes some departures from the book in terms of character's names, also has a different feel to it. The plot appeared extended, and there were action scenes that left me on the edge of my seat. The interaction between characters appeared "warmer", something one doesn't see in American films that take place in New York City, as did the original story.

    I'll leave it there since too many details may spoil this book and its film for anyone interested.

  6. Is the name of the film the same?

  7. The Name of the Film is No Le Dis A Personne, but if you have Netflix, they translate all of the titles of foreign films into English and you'll Find it as Tell No One.

  8. I'm here, who were you expecting? Can't say that your review makes me want to run out and get the book....but maybe.

  9. Hi all - Tut gave me a heads up that the group is being revived! I'd love to get involved again. Are we all proposing books? Is there a voting process or are we taking turns choosing one? I was never really clear on how the selections were made....

    Most recent book finished was "The Velvet Room" for our mother/daughter book club. A classic about a family of laborers in California during the depression.