Sunday, April 26, 2009

An adjunct suggestion before our next discussion

A lovely book, and perhaps a nice read after Out Stealing Horses, is this, by Tove Jansson. Kathryn Davis has written the introduction to the one published by the NY Review of Books that we can get in the United States, but I'd love to read the intro by Esther Freud (follow the link). Esther Freud wrote the great Hideous Kinky, partly based on her own childhood, and Kathryn Davis wrote one of my favorite books, The Thin Place

I'm furiously finishing Stargazey, but I thought you'd like to have another thing in the stack by your chair or bed . . .


  1. So does this book slip in before the May book or will it be July? It looks like a great read, especially after OSH.

    I've finished The Stargazey, but will let someone else take the first plunge at a review!

  2. Just an "aside" read, Barbara!

  3. Thanks for mentioning these books. I saw the film Hideous Kinky and definitely want to read the book.

  4. Sounds great for the July book!