Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I thought Stargazey was a well-crafted mystery, and liked how the author mentioned starry things throughout. The red herrings were low key and didn't scream out at you, and the ones that didn't amount to anything worked out as coincidence. I liked how Melrose was involved and how he and Jury knew where the answer to the mystery was long before they untangled everything. I liked the descriptions of the men at Melrose's club and the bit where Melrose finds out they were true heroes back in the day. That spoke volumes of how our different generations act and view life and loyalty.


  1. I am a committed Richard Jury fan, and I love how Martha Grimes always has twists to the pronunciation of certain English names. She lets you say them one way, until a character corrects either another character or your internal voice. I have not finish, however, so don't give it away!

  2. Lovely picture; I forgot to say! Very starry and very gazey.

  3. Hi tut-tut. I'm late posting on this one. Wondering if you've read "Dust" yet? It's the most recent Jury novel I've read. I sent my copy to Megan( along with "The Old Wine Shades"; which is the book that preceedes it ).
    "Dust" leaves off with a heck of a cliff-hanger!!

    Avid, for me "Stargazey" was the only book I'd not yet read. I finally got introduced to the gents at Borings( Melrose's father's club ), and Melrose's relationship with Bea Slocum seems to be getting more interesting. Alas, Jury hasn't had much luck in that dept. Too, the characters have always blended well, as only Martha Grimes could write them. I'm hoping there will be a 21st( or 22nd ) book.

  4. I've had a crush on Melrose Plant for years now. My post coming soon, I hope (once again an insanely busy weekend ahead).

    And yes, I agree on the generational thing. Although (begging Cinnamon's pardon) it seems much more pronounced in Britain (or maybe just in this type of literature?) than maybe it is here? Must think on that some more...

  5. P.S. - Fantastic photo, there.