Sunday, March 8, 2009

i have questions

My main questions are: When is the fountain of youth going to be found? Will it be affordable? and... Will I still be around to to benefit from finding it?

But as far as The Virtual Book Club goes, my question is about Mr. Pip a novel by Lloyd Jones. Can we decide if this is our book for May?

And, are there any books suggested for the rest of the year? Do we want to discuss for awhile? Choose just a few books at a time, or the whole 12?

Just Curious.


  1. Avid ,there is a fountain of youth. It's called cryogenics. Only one draw-back, however; ya gotta be dead :( Talk about your nasty side effects!. But seriously, science has found and isolated the "aging" gene, tho' results are stil out on this...

    As for the May book, I'm with Mr.Pips, if I can find it. How bout we put it to a vote? All in favour....

    And "Out Stealing Horses" has been a tough read, so far. I'm barely on page twenty. Normally, I'd've been 1/2 way through it.

    As for other books, I've a nice copy of Arthur C. Clarke's "2061:Odyssey Three". Strange in that I've had it for years but never read it. If you read the first two( or cheated and saw the films )then you may be in for a suprise...

    Also any of the George Carlin books, for a weird bent on humour. Just thinkin'....

    I would've suggested the complete works of Shakespeare but my(over-sized) copy is over 2100 pages. And it's annotated! Cold take the rest of the year, for that one.

  2. I too have difficulty with Out Stealing Horses---it's a frightfully slow read for me, and I don't look forward to popping it open, which is a rare experience for me with a book.

    I'm for trying Mr. Pip, finding it may be tough, but I'll give it a go. Stargazey is fine, as I like Grimes and the Jury series. I also like George Carlin. I've seen him perform but never read any books. Are we also up for The Banyan Tree by Christopher Nolan???

  3. I'm loving Out Stealing Horses!- should be a good discussion if there are different opinions.

    I am keen for The Banyan Tree too, and I suggested Mr Pip- so obviously happy with that.

    As for the others I don't know them- but that is what makes being part of a group exciting- because you come across books you wouldn't normally chose or read- so I am willing to try anything....

    except the Complete Works of Shakespeare SubT!!

    (don't get me wrong, I love Shakespeare, but..)

    (though I was flicking through The Tempest earlier today, funnily enough)

    Maybe we should chose at least 3 months ahead to give people time to find the books- but not necessarily 12 months ahead- so we can still be flexible/change our minds etc? On the other hand I have no real objection to chosing 12 months ahead.

  4. e, I finally picked up the pace and ot through the next 50 or so pages. Lots of tradgedy. It is starting to gain on me.

    Cinnamon, the Banyan Tree? Why not. Tho' I've never read Nolan, either. And George Carlin published three main books and a collected works before he passed on. "Napalm and Silly Putty" I liked the best.

  5. mr. pip, yes. Out Stealing Horses is indeed quite different read for me as well. I'm glad I'm reading it, though.

    L and I are going to see Juno Diaz read in a week or so. What about something by him? or Sherman Alexie? I haven't read anything by either. Or Jin Han.

  6. I have a question. Anybody know why my pretty picture doesn't show anymore in anyone's 'following' widgets? I didn't change any settings that I know of!

  7. Nebber mind, I figured it out. And I added Mr. Pip for May. Banyan Tree for June, are we decided on that?

  8. Sounds goob, Megan. I'm reading Out Stealing Horses, and so far have not run into any sluggishness --but then I like Scandinavian authors, could that be a factor? The pacing might be similar. I'm only on page 71, and a little frustrated that I couldn't pencil in a little note on one page, or underline a sentence, since it's a library book. Now I need a Virtual Book Club notebook, or a bookmark I can write on.

  9. I suggest we rotate choosing books. I will claim March since I recommended Out Stealing Horses. The rule of thumb for my couples book club is you must have read the book before recommending it. (We got burned a couple of times with following reviews.) If the group decides to go with this approach, someone else can suggest the order of "suggesters".

    E -- I hope you will give OSH a chance. It's a short book even if you are not totally taken by it!

  10. Good idea Barbara. I claim May! I think SubT may have suggested Stargazey. So now it's down to the rest of you..!

    Avid Reader- I have a little notebook by my bed! Another friend uses post-it notes (the little sticky bits of coloured paper)

    Tut-tut- i have not read any of your suggestions- but all sound good :)

    E- hope you manage to find a copy of Mr Pip.

  11. Sorry mMgan- I didn't answer you- yes, I am fine with Banyan Tree- wasn't that Avid's suggestion?

  12. That should read 'M-e-g-a-n'. Too tired to type properly!

  13. PS: sounds like an eclectic list so far! I've not read a one of them, so I'm excited. THanks, MEgan, for putting up the books on the sidebar.