Saturday, March 28, 2009


Just so everybody is aware, I had a recent attempt by someone to attack my system. This was gained through Barbara's post, in her comments section. Clicking on the link( or the word "here" ) gets you to the interview page, which is then quickly re-routed to another web-site. My advanced virus 'ware blocked me from accessing this site( which was reported ). I have the URL written down for a site called "internet safety examine". If any-one has had trouble with the link, let Barbara know!

Barbara if there is another link you have in mind, I'd still like to read the interview.


  1. Subtorp77 -- I didn't quite understand the problem you had, but hope it didn't result in any damage. Here is the link in another format:

  2. Thanks for the alert subtorp- I did visit the link with no apparent problems.

  3. Barbara, not sure what happened. I have been having server problems lately but not the first time some-one's tried to attack! No apparent damage and I'll try the other link, thanks :)

    Cinnamon, good thing. I'll do a full scan on the morrow. Or it could have been a "hiccup". I've had those, as well.