Friday, May 29, 2009

Choosing Books

Hi everyone!

I have taken the liberty of adding Fugitive Pieces as the July read, as it seemed from the comments that it was a popular choice.

You are going to have to help me out here! I tried to create a 'poll' on the side bar with all the suggestions for fiction books and non-fiction books so that we could 'vote' for which book we would like to read next. However- it didn't work!! Does anyone think this might be a good idea?

Barbara was asking who the 'paid-up members' are. If you mean the blog 'authors', they are those listed on your profile. However- if we are going to 'take it in turns' to choose, it might be useful to have a list of 'authors' on the side bar with the month they will be expected to choose for. Personally I prefer to throw open suggestions to anyone who wants to come here, read and comment.

What do you think?

ps I will be posting on Mr Pip soon!


  1. Hi again! I have added a list of 'contributors' on the side bar. Also a 'welcome' notice. But hey- if you don't like these you all have editorial control and can delete if you like!

  2. Hi Cinnamon. VE has one of those poll things, up on his bloggo. I usually ignore them( which is why I don't use a site counter, either ). Maybe he could be of some help. I've a new link to him on my main bloggo.

    As for the author list thingy, I like the open approach. More fun that way, wot? And if I can find a copy, I'll be on board for the July read.

  3. How about if we each invite someone or someones plural to join in for July? Expand the pool? This might mean more rigorous time lines, however, for posting comments on books. What do y'all think? What about live chat? Too complicated?

  4. I liked Mr. Pip a lot. I'll be a reactor this time, so someone else can go first!

    I'm OK with any arrangement for selecting books.

  5. I'm afraid I wouldn't be much help in setting up a poll, but I do think voting would be a great way to choose the books. In my old online book group, one person had to volunteer to run the election - that is, collect the nominations (within a given time frame), post them with descriptions and tally.

    I'd also be fine with taking turns chosing books.

  6. The poll idea sounds good though I don't spend enough time on blogger to figure out how to set it up. Good luck with that! ;)

  7. Thanks for comments- I will look into it, I am sure some of you more experienced bloggers would know what to do!

  8. I'll work on the poll as well. I like your additions, Jackie!

    And I am almost done with Mr Pip (only 2 weeks late!) so expect my thoughts soon. No, really!