Sunday, May 10, 2009

Open Door Policy!

I think we have a quorum, so I have removed the "members-only" restriction, and the blog can now be viewed by whosoever wants to cruise over.

Feel free to add a contributor any time you like - just go to the Settings tab, click on Permissions, and then Add Authors.

I am not sure if an author even needs a Blogger profile, I think just an email address will do it.

Enjoyed the posts and comments on Stargazey.

With a series and especially a detective series, there are always many returning characters mixed in amongst the new ones, and I agree it can get confusing if you haven't "grown" with the characters from the start - and it can be hard to keep track!

Looking forward to Mr. Pip and hopefully I will be able to get a post in, this time.

Cheers to you all and for those that celebrate it, Happy Mother's Day to all the mums not forgetting Subby's!


  1. In fact, I already invited someone...


  2. Thanks Megan! Funnytho' about Mister Pip; my library couldn't find the listing under "Mr.", had to use the entire word "Mister". Fussy, fussy!

  3. Hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day! I have a work deadline this month and won't be able to join the discussion for Stargazey or Mr. Pip, but have already started The Banyan Tree and like it a lot.

    Do we have an ideal number of members in mind?

  4. Hi everyone! Glad to see this is now 'open door'. I have posted by thoughts on 'The Stargazey' on the comments page of Barbara's post as I did not want to take focus from Megan's new post. Sorry my comments are so late!

  5. ps- do we have any ideas for July or August books yet?

  6. Cinn - No worries! You write any post you want! I will be back to respond to your interesting comment - but first, it's time to make dinner...