Monday, September 14, 2009

My Apologies...

I have yet to receive the Bowles book from my library system. The latest information is that I should get it by September 30, at which time I'll be away and the VBC will have begun the October selection.

Obtaining several of the selections for the VBC has been a persistent problem over the last months. I wonder if we might consider coming up with a short list of reading possibilities through December so that I and others can have a bit of advance time to secure the books via either the library or Amazon?

Also, I wonder if anyone has read any of the novels of Philippe Claudel?

Is anyone open to perhaps reading a play or some poetry?

As we've not yet settled on a selection for October, these are some ideas...


  1. I haven't started reading the Bowles book either, mmm, should probably do that next. A short list seems a good idea. I've never heard of Philippe Claudel. I'll look him up. Any books in particular? I've only read a few play, not including Shakespeare, that I remember, 'The Children's Hour', 'Pygmilion' and some of those high school reading list ones like 'Our Town'. And I don't read much poetry, though I have some Poe and Neruda that I've been sampling and I've always wanted to read Plath, Ezra Pound and Gabriel Rossetti (I for some reason don't wish to read Christina).

    I think it might also be interesting to read something that we've likely all already read, but not as part of this group. Like Shakespeare or Austen or Dickens or something a little less wordy but still interesting and intelligent.

  2. Ooh, I just looked up Claudel. One of his books, 'I've loved you so long' has been on television recently, but as I'm not fluent in French I couldn't sit and watch it and still follow along. I seemed dramatic the bit I did see. 'Les ames grises' sounds interesting.

    i wonder if in honor of Halloween, All Souls Day, Day of the Dead, or perhaps just the autumnal season we should choose something themey?

  3. I've Loved You So Long was never a book. Claudel wrote it as a film and directed it...

    We'll see what others think...a theme might be interesting.

  4. Hello E and Jo.
    I am sorry to hear of your problems with the library, e. My library has been pretty good at getting things fairly quickly, so I have been lucky. I have started the Bowles and I am enjoying it.

    Good idea to have a shortlist. There were quite a few suggestions in various comments back along- I seem to remember Marilynne Robinson's 'Home' being suggested.

    I would be happy to read a Philippe Claudel- which one would you suggest? 'By a Slow River'?

    Poetry- yes! i am reading 'Stink' at the moment by out fellow blogger Walking Man.

    I also quite fancy reading another novel by a fellow blogger- Charles Gramlich 'Swords of Talera'.

    Tell you what, i will put a short-list on the side bar and we can all add to it as we think of titles. Then we can give out first, second and third choices in these comments.

    I'm happy to read anything. so if Jo wants to suggest a Shakespeare, Austen or Dickens, why not? There is such a lot of good new stuff to read though.