Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The next 3 Books!

We have 3 winners, with 42% of the votes each!! I have added them to the sidebar for our next 3 months.

I have also added a 'Working List' a bit further down the side bar. I suggest that when any of us thinks of a book they would like to read here, just add the title to this list. Any of the 'contributors/authors' of the blog can do this by going to the edit layout page from the dashboard. Alternatively leave a comment and one of us will do it. It just makes it easier to see at a glance what has been proposed without trawling back through all the comments. I have added all the books which we recently voted on which had one or more vote- and have left off those which had no votes!

Hope everyone is ok with this? I suppose at some stage we should have an explanation of how we choose books on the side bar, but as this is still a work in progress perhaps that should be for later. Feel free to comment if you think anything needs changing....!

Oh one other thing...if we write what we think about each book on one post (ie by adding our comments to the first person's post either by editing that post- because we can edit each other's- or by writing in the comments page) we can link the picture of the books we have read to that post- to make it quicker/easier to find past posts....not sure if I am making sense here...


  1. OMG- didn't mean to sound so bossy :)

  2. Faint but pursuing...Thanks so much J for all this! I'm in on all these. No, really, I am, really!

    Just finished Dragon Tattoo and am working on Fugitive Pieces - no, REALLY! and I am happy to report that my copy of "Out Stealing Horses" is STILL making the rounds of the family and being highly enjoyed by all. (So far.)

    Haven't picked up Sheltering Sky yet but it shall be done. No, really.


  3. Well done Meg...keep going!

    Just finished Sheltering Sky and I'm still out there in the casbah...

  4. I have read the first 90 pages of Sheltering Sky and have Hideous Kinky at the bedside...

    Will post on Bowles when completed.

  5. Look forward to your post e. I found it a surprising book- I'll wait for your post before commenting :)

  6. Hello! I have a suggestion for down the line: The Anthologist by Nicholson Baker. Just finished and REALLY enjoyed. Read Hideous Kinky, which I liked very much. The Plague is beckoning. I'll be a better participant. Just so much on my shoulders at the moment.